Thursday, October 1, 2009

So many great changes...

Kyle LOVES first grade. He loves his teacher. He loves having lunch at school. He loves Music and Gym and doing work at school. He thinks it so great that his mom works at the school. (He thinks its great that his dad is a principal too!) One day this week, his writing workshop activity was "My mom is..." and some pages to write the responses. Last year, whenever "Mom" was talked about, Kyle would not be talking about me in response. This week was a different story though. His little booklet was mainly about me. The last page was about Diane, his "special mommy" which was so cute!
Tonight while Kyle was waiting to get into the tub, he was watching tv on Jake's bed. I sat down next to him to talk and gave him a hug and a kiss. (Sometimes I don't feel like we do that enough with them!) I told him and I loved him and he said "I love you too Mommy" without any hesitation. A few months ago that conversation would not have played out that way. We have known that Kyle loves us for a while but for a long while he would not reply to us when we said it to him. It is so nice to hear it from him, even if I already knew it!
As we are tucking the boys in tonight, Billy sat down on Jacob's bed to say goodnight and they started giggling and carrying on. Six months ago, Jacob wouldn't even say goodnight to Billy. Billy would say goodnight and Jake would say "No". Tonight it was a different picture. I just smiled and laughed. Loved seeing it!
A year ago the boys didn't really seek out attention from Billy. They would seek me out to help them and didn't really want to go places with him. This bothered Billy so much. Tonight Billy and Kyle bopped out of the house together with a "bye Mom, see you later!". Every morning Jacob comes into our bathroom and asks "Where Daddy at?". What a change!
It's so great how Kyle has truly bonded with us. We have loved him for a long time now and it is nice to know he loves us back! Hard to believe that some doctor said that Kyle will probably not be able to create normal bonds with people. Goes to show, they don't always know what they are talking about!