Thursday, January 21, 2010

Long time no blog....

Life has been CRAZY around here. I think that crazy may be a bit of an understatement but it's the best I could come up with! Right before Christmas was the last night I blogged. As some of you may know, my dad has been rather sick for a long time. He was listed on the Ohio Transplant list for a liver and a kidney. After one day of a false alarm, my dad received a liver and a kidney on Christmas Eve. After a very LONG day waiting for the transplant to be over (8 minutes shy of 13 hours to be exact!) and a few weeks of recovery, my dad is doing well. Thank god. You never know how important someone is until you are faced with the possiblity of not having them. Needless to say, Christmas is a blur. Billy and I spent the day spending time with the boys. They were a blast Christmas morning. As always, they were spoiled rotten by Santa and everyone else. We are looking forward to celebrating Christmas with my parents and sister in a few weeks when Susan comes home again. The boys are enjoying the fact that Grandma and Pop still have a Christmas tree up!

This year I decided to create a photo calendar on Snapfish. It was so easy and so much fun finding pictures to include in each month. As I was looking through the tons of digital pictures we have of the last two years, I realized that our boys have done more then some kids have done in their whole life. Biily and I enjoy traveling and seeing the sights. Luckily the boys enjoy doing that as well. From day trips to long road trips, we have done a lot!!

I found some great shots of the boys and of us all together and thought I would share with everyone!