Thursday, February 12, 2009

busy days and the potty battle...

Some days it feels like we have gone nonstop from the minute the boys get out of bed to the minute they get back into bed and then some! We aren't always out and about doing this and that but still, life stays busy here! 
We put "K" into an organized activity. We felt it would be good for him to learn how to work with other kids as a team and to be able to listen/follow to directions. There is a good program called Upward Sports. The program is based on the "everyone wins, everyone learns" theory. Now before you start rolling your eyes, like we did, it is much more. The program emphasis teamwork, skills, and personal gain. After doing some investigating, Billy and I did this would be a good program for "K" to be part of. So far, we are really impressed. So "K" has been playing basketball for a few weeks. He definitely has his mother's sense of coordination though or lack there of but HE LOVES IT!! He follows the directions, listens to the coaches and seems to get along with the other kids on the team. Not only does he love it, but it also gives "K" and Billy time to spend together each week.  
We are still battling the potty training issue with "J"! Every time I feel like we are making some progress with it, I AM WRONG! I know it may take a while to potty train but I just wish it would happen!!! I guess we will get there at some point!