Sunday, December 13, 2009

The most wonderful time of the year...

I can't believe that in less than two weeks, we will be celebrating Christmas with our nearest and dearest. We have been busy getting ready for the holidays in addition to living our crazy everyday life! The boys are getting excited for Santa to come and bring some new gadgets and gizmos. We have been talking about how Santa is watching the boys and looking for them to do good things. Kyle has been questioning how Santa, who lives rather far away from Ohio, can possibly see what he does every minute of every day. We told him that Santa is magic and did Kyle really want to take a chance on not thinking that Santa could see him?! I do not think that he is questioning the existence of Santa because the other morning he had an in-depth conversation about what Santa might bring him. We are not ready to give up having the two boys believing in Santa just yet!!!
My sister will be coming home again on Friday for a long winter break. The boys are excited to have Aunt Susan home again. They enjoy playing with her and spending time with her. They ask about her often and miss her when she is not here. Hopefully I will be able to rope her into helping me finish up the last minute things that need to get done.
Last weekend, the boys had their skills evaluation for Upwards Basketball. Last year was the first time that Kyle played any sport and it definitely showed. He enjoyed every minute of it, but wasn't very good at it at all. Well what I difference a year made!!! He did a great job. I think about of all the baskets he shot, he only missed 6 or so. Talk about a proud mama! I think I had a bigger grin on my face then he did! Jacob is also playing this year which should be a hoot. He just enjoys moving and running so who knows how he will actually do. One thing that is for sure is he will be giving his coach a run for their money! God love him.
The boys have been saying some pretty funny things lately. We have enjoyed them so I thought I would share with you!
Jacob in the car last weekend "Mama, my tummy hurts!" Me: "It does, why?" Jacob: "From your driving!" I thought Billy was going to die laughing!
Jacob in the car last weekend "Mama, I can't like Christmas music, I want to listen to the radio instead of this!"
Jacob when asked about how the ride to school with Daddy was: "Not great, that car gives me a headache".
Kyle when finding the phone in the bathroom: "Um, Mom, I think that you know that you don't really need this in the bathroom."
Kyle when reminding me about something I forgot: "That's why I need to remember things for you, because you can't!"
Kyle when talking about doing his homework: "Daddy will have to help me because remember you can't do math!" (I think this thought came from him thinking that since I just teach reading and social studies! At least I hope, because I may not be great at math but I can do 1st grade math!)

Every night when we put the boys to bed and we think about all the ups and downs and turns throughout the day, we are reminded how truly blessed we are to be their Mom and Dad!