Monday, April 27, 2009


Today we got news of our adoption date!! The boys will officially become Dennis boys on June 19th at 8:00 AM in the morning! Billy and I are happy to have a light at the end of the tunnel. Now we have to have a home assessor come out and visit with us for a little while. Then it's on to the courthouse for our hearing! We can't wait to hear the judge declare the boys part of the Dennis family forever! 

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Now we wait...

This past Monday, Billy and I went to the lawyer's office and signed our adoption paperwork. We still have a few papers to fill out for children's services but the paper for the court is ready to go! Now we are just waiting to hear from our lawyer about our finalization date. I keep calling home multiply times a day to check our machine but still haven't heard anything. I am trying to have patience but I feel like a little kid on Christmas morning. I hate waiting...I am not a waiter, I have never been a waiter...I do not want to start now! If we don't hear anything by tomorrow, I think I will try to give him a call. Mr. M did say that the court is scheduling adoption hearings about 45 to 60 days out. Boy that sounds like a long time but we have already been waiting 180 days (or so) so what is a few more days. During that 60 day period, we have to have another home study completed. A person from the court will come out and talk to us and check out our home and our references. Our case worker told me that she knows the court lady will love us! She also did say that this lady is a spitfire and speaks her mind. YIKES! 
So now we keep wait...
Last night Billy and I took the boys to see "Thomas and Friends Live: A Circus Comes to Town". The boys LOVED it. We didn't tell them what we were doing until they saw a picture of Thomas at the theater. It was a great feeling to have them be so excited and surprised. When the show was over, Kyle said "That was AWESOME!". Definitely worth the ticket price to see their faces and joy. 

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Oh what a (busy) week!

Up until this year, Billy has coached track and cross country so I am used to having a busy fall and spring time. When he moved to his assistant Principal's job, he decided he wasn't going to coach. our days would be less hectic. I was wrong! I didn't think about how he would be officalling some track meets, which doesn't take up AS much time, but does still keep him out a few nights a week. Don't get me wrong, I am glad he loves being involved with track/cross country, and this is a good way of him still being an active part of the sport. It is also nice that he makes a little extra money which will help with our summer vacation plans. It is just hard to be home alone at night with the boys. THEY ARE EXHAUSTING!!!! OH goodness, I love them more than you can imagine but they never stop. I don't know how two little people can have so much energy all the time. I just wish I had the same energy. I could get a whole lot more done!
Friday night we went to Cara and Doug's for dinner. Jared and Bethany were there as well. They are expecting their first child in the next two weeks. We can't wait to meet the newest Carr. We haven't seen a whole lot of them lately so it was nice to spend some time with them. The boys and Hannah played together. They are all so headstrong which causes a bit of healthy bickering. I think the love that the three share was best described at the end of the evening. Right after "J" knocked Hannah over, he gave her a kiss goodbye. Too funny. 
Saturday afternoon was spent dyeing Easter eggs with my parents and my grandparents. It was fun to watch the boys enjoy dyeing eggs so much. They made sure their egg had the perfect dye timing and had dyed enough eggs of each color. I was glad that I had put down a plastic tablecloth though since "J" just thought that he could throw the eggs into cups! 
The Easter Bunny came last night so the boys were excited with the surprises he left. "J" got a big boy bike (a whole 12 inches) which he attempted to ride this afternoon and very matter of factly told us that he "can't like this yet!" "K" got a t-ball bat and a tee. They both had sand pails full of little junk with very little candy. The boys aren't really candy kids so the less we have the better. Mamaw and Papaw and Aunt Sam and Uncle Scott brought baskets full of candy. Grandma and Pop and Grandma and Grandpa bought the boys new swings for their swingset. It surely did look like Christmas around here today!
"J" seemed a bit confused about who all these grandmas were tonight. He wasn't sure how to get the attention of the one he wanted. While he was in the bathtub tonight he started yelling "white grandma". Not sure who he was looking for, my mom and my grandma walked into the bathroom and asked who he wanted. He pointed to my mom (she had on a white shirt) and then pointed to my grandma, who was wearing a brown sweater, and said "brown grandma"! What a clever little bugger he is! 
As I have said many times before, life as we knew it has been turned upside down and become a bit more crazy but we wouldn't give it up in a million years! We are totally in love with those two little boys! 

Sunday, April 5, 2009

So much to say...

When we first met the boys, "J" was just starting to talk, at 2 and a half years old. When I say just starting, I mean just beginning to say words that you could barely understand, forget thoughts and phrases. I clearly remember him pointing to an airplane in the sky and thinking that if I hadn't known what he was pointing to I would have been clueless! Over the course of the last 10 months, he has started to say so much more, as kids who are learning to talk do. 6 months ago, he wouldn't even put 2 words together to make a request. Every day he starts to say more and put more words into sentences. This morning he came running into my bathroom and said "Mommy, Dad did my shoes! I can't tie them, it would take FOREVER!" I just laughed. He had his hands going a mile a minute and his head bobbing. TOO FUNNY!! He doesn't stop talking now. "J" has something to say about everything that happens. 
I remember hearing that what we say will come out of our kids mouths at some point. It amazes me how they can use words in correct context sometimes. "K" has started to tell us that things are "not necessary" when he feels they aren't. You can't help but laugh when it comes out of his mouth. He has also started to say "Oh crap!" which really isn't horrible in the whole picture but still something we are trying to stop. The other night I got on him for saying it and asked him where he learned that from! With this very innocent look he said "My special Mommy says it when the cat gets in the flower pots!" His special mommy is his first foster mom who he loves so much. I couldn't get upset with him about saying it but did explain that I didn't want to hear it again. 
"K" has finished up his basketball season, which he loved. He has started to play T-ball which he seems to be a bit better at. He also really likes this sport. I think he just likes to be outside playing and having fun. 
In less than two weeks, we can fill out papers with the court to petition to adopt the boys. It is so amazing that the last 6 months have gone by so fast. We have a few papers to fill out this week and get to the lawyer then we wait for the 17th and to get a date for our adoption to be final. "K" seems to be excited about being stuck with us forever. So are we!