Monday, February 15, 2010


That sums up the last week or so here in Ohio! Schools were closed for three days last week due to the weather. Since today was President's Day, we had a day off. It has snowed all day with about 3 inches or so already on top of the white stuff from last week. We have already gotten the call that tomorrow is another snow day. As much as the kids are liking being home, I must say I am getting pretty tired of being home! There is only so much that you can get done at home when you have no other option!

This afternoon we bundled up nice and warm and headed out to play! We had a blast. Billy pulled the boys around on a sled (since we have no hills in our yard to go down on!) They had a blast. Our dogs romped around with us for a while. I think they may love the snow just as much as the boys do!