Monday, November 23, 2009

A place of their own...

When the boys lived with Diane and Grover, they shared a bedroom. Jacob slept on one side of the room and Kyle slept on the other. They shared a dresser, a closet and play space. When they moved into our house, we decided to put bunkbeds in one of our bedrooms and have them continue to share a room. This was all they had known and we felt it would help with the transititon into their new home. The boys enjoyed sharing a room, who wouldn't though? Someone to giggle with late at night, watch TV with, play with and fight with! The shared room worked well some times put other times it just wasn't ideal. Jacob still takes a nap and Kyle would wake him up! Jacob is an earlier riser and Kyle likes to sleep in. There was no way to seperate them when they needed a break.

Over the past few weeks, Billy and I have been talking about putting the boys in seperate rooms. We have an extra bedroom which they were using as a play room lately. I bounced the idea of their own rooms off the boys about a week ago. Kyle thought it was a great idea but Jacob wasn't so sure about it. I believe his actual words were "No thanks!" Can you blame him? All he has ever known was having his brother across from him or on top of his bed!

This past weekend, the boys spent the weekend at Billy's sister's house. We felt that this was the time to "make the move"! Leaving Jacob's bed and dresser in his old room, we moved Kyle's bed and belongings into the other bedroom. We bought him a new comforter, put his favorite toys in his toy box and put some books on his bookshelf. We set Jacob's room up with his favorite toys as well. Billy and I were very excited for the boys to come home and see their new living arrangements! Well until the boys arrived....

Kyle was SO excited. He was shocked and full of excitement about having his own place. Jacob, who was EXHAUSTED from the weekend fun, was far from happy about his own place. He screamed, cried, jumped off his bed, asked a million questions about Kyle's stuff. Once we finally calmed him down enough so that he could hear us, we attempted to explain to him what we did. He didn't want any part of that either. He just kept repeating "Where Kyle bed, up top?" He needed to see every part of the room that was missing. Jacob also questioned why we put different toys in his room. When he did finally stop crying, he refused to nap on his bed and insisted on sleeping on the floor with the door open. Whatever! I could only imagine what bedtime would bring. Bedtime went 100% smoother and within 30 minutes both boys were out cold.

Kyle is still really excited about having a place of his own. Don't you remember how it felt to finally have a room of your own? That's something that he has never had before. Needless to say, he has fallen asleep with a big grin on his face...a toothless big grin though since he has lost his 6th (I think) tooth! My oh My!

Enjoy the pictures from being tucked in last night!