Saturday, January 31, 2009

The A&D episode!

This morning "J" woke up with a bit of a diaper irritation on his legs, so I attempted to put some diaper cream on his legs to help with the discomfort. I say attempted but he screamed at the idea of having this yucky lotion on his legs. I don't know if I was even successful at getting any cream on his legs. I figured if his legs started to hurt enough he would let me put the cream on his legs and I put the tube on top of his dresser. 
Billy and I decided to take the boys separate ways today and do our own things with them. "K" and I went out and ran errands and enjoyed a fine cuisine from McDonald's for lunch. Billy took "J" to the high school to work out and then go to look at some hardwood floors for our house. I was on my way home and received this text message picture of "J" covered in some sort of something, with a huge grin on his face. The message read "Someone loves A&D ointment!" Well when the boys got home, "J" went to watch TV in his room and got really quiet. Billy went to check on him and found him and his whole bed and surroundings covered in the A&D!  Billy threw "J" into the shower to wash him up but it didn't help much! When I got home "J" was nice and shiny with a head of hair that appeared to be soaked with sweat! I asked him what happened and he said "lotion, "J" did it, big mess!" He also told me that "bottle empty, all gone now!" It was too funny...It was hard to get mad at him about it but it was also hard to not laugh at him while talking to him. I do love that little man! 
I guess that over the course of his day, "J" decided that the A&D cream wasn't that  bad after all! Now if we can just get rid of the greasy head before church tomorrow....

Thursday, January 29, 2009

What doesn't kill us....

is supposed to make us stronger right? Well I am not sure how much stronger we all our after our last few days around here! I am born and raised as a New Jersey winter girl. When it snows, it snows that day, the road crew cleans up the roads and everyone moves on with their lives. With that said, I love living in Ohio any time but when it snows! It started to snow here Monday night and finally quit yesterday afternoon. In the meantime, we were blanket with snow, then ice and then snow again. All along we haven't had school and will not be going again tomorrow. The roads still leave a lot to desire. 
Tuesday Kyle lost his first tooth. The Tooth Fairy came and left him $5.00 for his first tooth. He has another tooth that is really loss as well. Tonight at dinner, he commented on the tooth fairy coming again. To that I quickly said "The tooth fairy only leaves $5.00 for your first tooth! Don't expect it each time!" He just laughed. 
All day Tuesday the boys wanted to go outside to play. I kept telling them when Dad got home they could get bundled and go out to play with him. As soon as they woke up from their nap, they were ready to go. We all bundled up and headed out to play. We had a good time. "J" wasn't so sure how he felt about the snow though. He liked the idea of going out but once he was there it wasn't as much fun as he had thought! He was so bundled up that when he would run and fall over, he couldn't get back up. Funny to the rest of us but he hated it! 
Wednesday morning was when the true excitement began though! We woke up to about 15 minutes of power then NOTHING! We lost power for almost 30 hours. Billy ventured out to the local hardware store to buy a kerosene heater yesterday morning. Now as a side note, he was cursing me the whole time because he did want to buy one a week ago and I put it off. I learned my lesson! It is amazing how much heat that little heater could put off. We were able to keep warm all day but it was very trying at times with the boys running around the 3 rooms we had open and heated. I kept praying all day that the power would come back all day then at some point overnight but we woke up to a powerless house this morning. Then finally around 11:45 this morning, the power came back on for good. We were very thankful and then trying to figure out a reason to get out of the house! We took the boys to Bob Evans for dinner. They love pancakes and were excited to have them for dinner. 
We all are experiencing extreme cabin fever. Hopefully tomorrow we can venture a bit farther out and do something fun. Not sure what it will be but I will make a good attempt at locating something! 

Friday, January 23, 2009

The boys do some pretty funny things!

Every night I before I go to bed, I go in and check on the boys. "J" tends to cover himself up with his blanket or pillow or whatever may be around. I am still a "new mom" and get nervous so I always take whatever it is off of his head. The other night I do my normal routine and found "J" sleeping sitting up indian style, slumped over on a pillow. He just looked so horribly uncomfortable so I moved him a bit but still trying to keep him sleeping! What probably happened was he was playing in his bed, which is often does once the lights go out, and just crashed. It amazes me how he can do that, just fall asleep! 
This morning "K" was standing in the kitchen drinking his morning chocolate milk and started to cough. I asked if he was okay and he said "Yes, I just have a throat" I said "Yes you do, you are right!" He said "No, like a frog in my throat!" I said "Oh, ok, I think you will be ok though". A bit later he was brushing his teeth and from the bathroom I hear "I was right, I do have a throat! I checked in the mirror and I saw it!" Oh too cute. I just chuckled and told him how much I love him! He smiled and walked away. 
The weather was warm today (low 50's) which was a much needed break from the terribly cold weather we have had lately. I thought it would be good to wash my car after school and get the crud off of it. Well everyone else in the area thought it was a good idea too and I was not successful in my quest! I had told the boys I wanted to go to the car wash and "J" kept asking me to go to the "car washing machine please!" 
They got to run around outside for a bit this evening. They dragged their new wagon all around our rather muddy yard, which they loved until it got stuck. That is when the two boys felt they needed to run through our cream color carpeted house to tell me that the wagon was stuck. Wouldn't be a big deal but they did their running with this mud covered sneakers on. Let's just say, "Stanley Steamer, when can you get here???" 

Saturday, January 17, 2009

a mini vacation and an attempt at "camping"

We have had a surprise mini-vacation and I have to admit, I really am enjoying it! Thursday was a snow day, yesterday was a "too cold to go to school" day, and Monday is a holiday so...yea for us! I have gotten so much done already, I wish I had had this energy during the two weeks of Christmas vacation! I guess better late then never, huh?
Today started out pretty quiet around here. Then things got a bit more noisy! Today was the day that "J" woke up and decided that he was going to potty all day long! We have been working SO hard on potty training him but it is so hit and miss. I am hoping his new found love of the potty and staying dry will continue. Potty training a boy is risky though. "J" is usually more interested in what is going on outside of the bathroom and not paying attention to what is going on IN the bathroom. Yesterday his "success" hit my leg and today it allowed for the floor to be washed!  "J" went for a ride with Billy to get horse fed. My mom came over to visit with munchkins which made her AWESOME in "K's" eyes! Well in the excitement of Grandma AND Mamaw and Papaw being here, "K" hit his nose on their bed pretty hard. Don't ask how because we aren't sure! Boy did it hurt! I think it may be bruised tomorrow! As we are eating lunch he looks at me and said "I am so cranky because I am tired! I need a nap!" Done deal dude! 
We headed to a local high school to watch a basketball game with Billy. Billy has to be at his high school's games, all three of them!! The boys and I last one game then we headed to Donatos for pizza. The boys love pizza and when they are finished eating it, you can tell they love it! Afterwards we came home and crashed while watching two of our favorite TV shows. The boys got sleeping bags for Christmas so I suggested they sleep in them on the floor tonight. They both seemed very excited about it so I tucked them in and out I went. I went in about 10 minutes later and to my surprise, "J's" bag was empty. Then I hear this little voice say "I sleep in bed" and there he was all curled up on his bed! It was too cute! 
Tomorrow morning the boys and I are going to church with Aunt Cara, Uncle Doug and Hannah. "K" said "I don't see why not! Do they have stairs?" It is funny the things they think to ask! Their old church had stairs with a large room at the bottom which housed Sunday school. So knowing that, all churches should have that! 

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

life is starting to slow down again....hopefully!

    MY OH MY!!! I feel like we have been living on full speed ahead since Christmas! We have spent a lot of time visiting family, going different places, and just running for the past few weeks. During Christmas break, the boys were able to meet more of their new family. I know that at times they just felt like "more new people!" but enjoyed the attention they were getting. Our whole family has been so excited to meet the two newest members of our family. 
    We went back to school last Monday. The boys were glad to be back to a normal schedule, at least we thought so! (It's amazing how much kids need a routine.) Wednesday of last week, "J" woke up with pink eye! It was something going through the daycare and he just happen to be lucky enough to get it. Last Thursday was "K's" 6th birthday. We spent the evening as family, just having his favorite meal and cake. He got a couple of presents which made him happy. 
     This past weekend my grandparents were able to come up and meet their newest great grandchildren. THE BOYS LOVED THEM!!! We got to spend a great deal of time just hanging around and bounding. Saturday evening we had both sets of grandparents, great grandparents, Aunt Sam and Uncle Scott, and Aunt Cara, Uncle Doug and Hannah over for dinner. Before everyone arrived, we had Christmas with Great Grandma and Grandpa. Talk about two spoiled little boys!  
Last night was parent teacher conferences at my school. We are lucky enough to have been able to enroll "K" in the school district where I work even though that is not our district of residence. So last night I got to play both sides of the parent teacher conference. It was very strange to be on the other side of the table. "K's" teacher is wonderful yet firm which is exactly what he needs. It was nice to hear that he is adjusting well to kindergarten but still has a few things to work on. While Billy and I were both up at school, my parents and grandparents came over to watch the boys. When we got home, "J" and Great Grandma were carrying on and "J" was giggling uncontrollably! It was so funny. He definitely found a new friend! I am not sure who was more worn out at the end of the evening though!
Today Central Ohio is blanket with yet another snow! As of right now we have a 2 hour delay tomorrow. That means no kindergarten for "K". We will see what the AM brings weather wise. We have more snow then the weathermen had called for so we will see....
On a different note, Cara reminded me that today is a special little man in Ukraine's 12th birthday. Max, please know that we think of you so much and love you! Hope your birthday is a special day for you!