Tuesday, March 17, 2009

5 months down, 1 to go!

Today marks 5 months since the boys moved into our house. 5 months and 1 day ago I was a ball of emotions. I was excited, nervous, worried, scared...you name it and I think I felt it that week! I kept wondering if we were doing the right thing, how are lives were going to change, how the boys would adjust. Then Friday Oct. 17th came and that afternoon our two boys walked into our house, just like they had done the past 8 Friday evenings, ready to be in their bedrooms, in their beds, playing with their toys and pets and being at our house. They never blinked an eye as all of their belongs came with them, as we put all their clothes away in their dressers and as we found places for more of their toys. They just knew they were home! 
The State of Ohio says that children placed in a home for adoption must be living there for 6 months before the paperwork can be filed to finalize their adoption. I believe this to keep the number of disrupted adoptions down. Someone must think that 6 months is ample amount of time for everyone to see true colors! We knew about this 6 month waiting period when the boys moved in. We weren't happy about it since we knew we wanted to adopt the boys long before they moved in but it is just one hurdle you have to jump! In October, 6 months seemed like it would take forever to get here. Then in February, Billy and I went and met with our adoption lawyer to start the process, and he said that in the beginning of April we would get back together to finish up the paperwork. At that time, the beginning of April seemed like it was so far off! I can't believe how quickly it is approaching! 
Billy and I will be so excited when we find out the date of our court hearing. We will be happy to have the boys legally be ours forever. We have started to talk to "K" about how his name will change when he is finally stuck with us forever. He seems really excited about it. I don't know how much of the whole adoption idea he understands but we tell him enough to help him understand what is going on. Both the boys know they are loved so much by so many people and that seems to be enough for them! 

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Perfect Slam Dunk!

This week was week 7 of the Upwards Basketball program which means that we only have one week left. The first night of practice, Billy sent me a text message and said that "K" had no basketball skills at all. Now remember when I asked "K" if he wanted to play basketball he said "Sure" then a few minutes later he (very enthusiastically) questioned "Jennifer, what is basketball?". With that being said, Billy's message wasn't much of a surprise. We didn't expect "K" to be the star of the team. We just wanted him to have a place to get some energy out, learn to play on a team with other kids and to more importantly, just have fun. If he gained some ball skills, that would be an added plus. 
During the first practice, "K" couldn't even dribble the ball standing still. In his game today, he was dribbling the ball while walking down the court. During the first week, he would attempt to "granny throw" a ball into the net not even coming close to the hoop/net/backboard. Today he was attempting to shoot the ball and came very close to the net, throwing the ball overhand. Not too bad in our book!
The Upwards program does not keep score and every kid gets to play equal time. But it is hard to not realize which team is scoring points. The other 8 kids on "K's" team have shot and made many baskets throughout the season. "K" has not. Well today during his game, "K's" coach picked him up and held him close enough to the net that "K" was able to "slam dunk" the ball. Everyone erupted in applaud. Needless to say, Mom and Grandma had tears in our eyes looking at the HUGE smile (the one I love so much) on my little man's face. He was so happy and proud and excited and every other happy emotion. It was awesome. During the post game meeting, his teammates where congratulating "K".  He was on cloud nine! 
He was still smiling about it tonight while he was telling his other set of grandparents about it. Coach Kyle has no idea what his assisted shot means to "K" and to Billy and I!! 

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

warmer weather...

This past weekend has brought warmer weather around here which is a nice change to the bitter cold a week or so ago! The boys LOVE being outside and have enjoyed every minute of the warmer temperatures. For Christmas and birthday they both got red wagons that they have pulled, rode in and dragged the wagons all around our yard. We also have a basketball hoop that has allowed for some much needed practice on "K's" part. The boys also have rode their bikes and big wheels all around. It is amazing how much better "J" is getting at riding his bike. Mamaw (Billy's mom) taught "J" how to pedal. Now he is a little speed demon around the driveway. I love seeing how he just takes off. It is a big change from a few months ago when he would just cry because he couldn't do it. "K" has also grown into his 2 wheeler with training wheels and he can ride all around as well but he prefers his big wheels since he can go faster and skid to a stop. Much cooler if you are 6! 
Speaking of changes, we have two dogs who "J" was terrified of a few short months ago. "J" wouldn't even let them look at him without screaming and yelling and running away. The running away in turn cause the dogs to chase "J" which would cause more screaming! Today as we were getting out of the car from school, the dogs came running up to greet us and "J" was so happy to see them. He cheerfully said "Sophie, Buddy, play?" It is very amazing to me how comfortable he is with them now. "K" was never really afraid of them but was still a little nervous but has really come around as well. The dogs are "theirs" now. All the animals around here belong to those two boys! 
Basketball is coming to an end shortly, only two more games to go. "K" wanted to play baseball also so we just signed him up for t-ball today. It will start shortly after basketball ends. He is excited about it. "J" isn't so happy though as he can't play until next year since he is only 3.  Hopefully baseball will go as well as basketball has. "K" loves playing and has really learned to work well with other kids on the team. 
Tonight as we were brushing our teeth for bed, having the usual silliness and giggles, I just looked at this two little men and realized how much love I have for them. I mean, I have known how much I love them for a long while but just at that moment it all hit me just really how much that is! 

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

showing more love...

Things are getting better and better around here. That's not to say we don't have our rough patches, like yesterday! But on a whole, we are getting to be more and more like a family around here. "J" has really taken to calling us mom and dad which is so cute to hear. "K" hasn't quite gotten there yet but does respond when someone else calls us his mom or dad. We know that with time we will be "mom and dad" to him but Billy and I both know that he knows we love him and are so happy he has become part of our lives. "K" just has some attachment issues that a kid who has been through his experiences is expected to have. I know he still wonders "What next? Where am I going to go next?" He has gotten more loving lately though. He will walk up to us and say "I love you" or just walk up to us and hug us. Tonight he walked into the living room and came and sat on my lap and just hugged me for quite some time. Then he just walked away. It made me smile. He'll come around on his own time! 
"J" has been battling a cold for almost a week now. Last Wednesday he spiked a fever and was just so unbearable. "J" has had battles with asthma attacks before and I am so worried that I will not know what to do if one happens. (I don't do well with stress!) I ended up taking him to the Children's Urgent Care at our hospital Thursday night to find out it was, in fact, just a cold. Friday was a horrible day for him and myself. He cried all day and by that afternoon my nerves were fried. Thank goodness my mom had spent the day with us to help out with some appointments we had! Saturday morning found him more like himself but even now, he is still not 100%. 
"K" continues to improve with his basketball skills and games. He is totally in love with playing the sport. He looks forward to his practice and can't wait to go to his game on Saturday mornings. He tries really hard and doesn't do bad for a kid who hasn't ever played before. Watching him play ball, I am amazed that he had such a delayed start in life! We are looking for a baseball program for him to get into this Spring. We would like him to play t-ball since he hasn't ever played and his hand/eye coordination isn't what it should be. We just feel that it would be better for his self-esteem and confidence. 
We are working on planning a trip this summer with our friends, The Laynes and their soon to be 2 daughters. Right now we are leaning towards Atlanta Georgia. It seems that there is a good bit of kid friendly things to do around that area. We all always up for a good road trip, no matter where we end up!