Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My oh my!

Well what a crazy few days it has been around here! Friday morning I woke up not feeling so swell but thought that it was really nothing. Boy did I think wrong! My 7:30 I was quite sick with the flu! It was a rough weekend to say the least. Thank goodness for my fantastic husband, wonderful in-laws and Jeremiah. They all were a huge help and took care of everything which allowed me to sleep. As Billy said "it's just what we need to do!" We all went back to our normal lives today and things are much better. "K" has had hives for about 5 days so we went to the doctor yesterday to make sure it wasn't anything major. She wasn't concerned but going to the get medical treatment of any sort with foster kids is tricky. The doctor's office questions who we are and we have to provide proof that we have custody of them. Just little hoops that you don't think about ahead of time. 
Last night was the Children's services skating party. We went with the boys. The boys "other mom and dad" were there. "K" was very happy to see them but just as happy to play with the other kids there. "J" on the other hand was a completely different story. He wanted NOTHING to do with us and followed "Mom" around like her shadow the entire two hours. When it was time to leave, I just had to pick him up, crying 3 year old and all, carry him to the car and try to comfort him as he cries "Mommy....wait....." He calmed down as soon as we got out of the parking lot but it was still heartbreaking. It is so hard to have this little person you love so much be so upset and not be able to help comfort him. 
Today the boys both had great days at school. "J" was happy to be at preschool and happily said "Bye Jennifer" as I walked out the door. "K" has had nothing but great days in Kindergarten. He seems to really enjoy going. That makes things easier in the morning. I noticed tonight that we are seeing a lot more of "J"s personality (at least the one we had seen over the past 5 months) tonight. He was so goofy and giggly tonight. He has the most infectious giggle. "K" had a rougher evening, I think due to over tiredness. He tends to yell at us when he he thinks we aren't doing what he thinks needs to be done. Tonight he went to bed without his desert of cookies because he yelled at me. We are working on things and have seen a lot less of the anger issues with him. 
So that is life here at the house. We are exhausted most of the time but both love the boys so much that we wouldn't trade it! All our love! 
So, that is our life around here. We love it. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Mommy's house?"

3:30 AM - I hear "J" fuss a bit through the baby monitor. It gets quiet so I figured he fell back asleep. In a few minutes I hear little footsteps and "Jennifer....juice?" "Nope, "J" bed", "okay". We walk back to bed and the TV is on. "J" says TB off?" and I say "TV off, sleep!" and that was that!
We are getting into the swing of things in the morning. "K" is amazingly able to be more independent each day. He does things alone that we know he can do like put on his shirt and socks. He seems really excited about going to school and has had three great days. We think that maybe just going from full day to half day kindergarten has helped. He goes to preschool in the afternoon, where he gets to rest which he still really needs. 
Today was quite emotional for me. "J" is beginning to catch on that this isn't his normal 2 night visit. This morning he screamed and cried for "mommy" and I was not what he wanted. The whole way to school he continually asked me "Jennifer, mommy's house?" It broke my heart. I know he doesn't understand what is going on and no matter what we tell him he is still so confused. When we dropped him off at school he cried and cried. I left the preschool in tears. All morning I kept thinking "what the hell are we doing?" I know things will get easier and with time we will be the people "J" cries for but right now it is so hard to see this tiny little person so upset.
Tonight was pretty quiet around the house. The boys played outside with the dogs for about an hour then we had dinner, baths and bed. We are exhausted too! Hopefully we will all sleep in a bit on Saturday! 

Monday, October 20, 2008

We survived! (I think...)

Well today was the start of a new beginning. The boys started school at their new locations today. I had to work on getting three people ready in the morning. Boy was the a chore in itself! "J" woke up at 6:30 and wanted his "gogurt". I told him he had to wait. Billy tried to get it for him but "J" screamed "NOOOOO JENNIFER". I woke "K" up around 7 and the first thing he told me was the his belly hurt really bad. We talked about how he would be okay and that we would make it through the day. We had a few meltdowns along the way but made it to school with smiles on our faces. "J" walked into preschool, saw cool toys and forgot all about us. "K" and I left and headed to our school. "K" was nervously excited about seeing his new school and teacher. By 8:50 he was ready to go. It helped knowing that Aunt Cara was across the hall and he got to see his buddy Hannah before school. After Kindergarten, "K" and I headed to preschool for the afternoon. He was happy to spend the afternoon with his brother and rest. I went to pick the boys up at the end of the day and "J" screamed, he didn't want to leave. I suppose that is a good sign. 
All in all, we had a good day. I was nervous all morning as was Billy, my mom, Betty and Diane. We all decided we will do it again tomorrow. Hopefully with a little less stress in the morning! 

Friday, October 17, 2008

Move In Day

Well today is Friday. Just like the past 8 Fridays, our boys will be coming to spend some time with us. Unlike the last 8 Fridays, they will not go to their other home on Sunday though! WOW! It's really hard to believe that we are finally at this point. On August 8th, we sat in children's services and worked out a transition plan for the boys. That seems like so long ago. Billy and I were on our way to the Pumpkin Show last night and we were talking about this weekend. He asked me if I was nervous, scared, excited. I said ask me again on Sunday evening when they stay longer. He said he was feeling all sorts of emotions. Can we do this? Are we ready for this? Are we doing the right thing for us and for the boys? These are all questions we have talked about and went over many times over the last few months. We know we can do this and we are ready to be parents. I guess it's just the "oh my gosh" factor that life is going to change starting today.  Not a bad change though, just a different change.
We have a busy day ahead of us. Today is COTA today (teachers convention in Ohio) so Billy and I have the day off. We both have a lot on our plate to get accomplished before this afternoon. I know that the day will go fast. I also know that when the boys arrive today, they will both come barreling out of the car screaming "Jennifer" "Billy" and we will get huge hugs and kisses. Kyle will run around to make sure that all their pets are here and that their room looks the same and that their trains are still in the toy box. Jake will look at the TV and said "TV broken" because it is turned off. This is typical Friday behavior and we love it! 

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Just beginning

I guess I will take the lead from some others and begin "blogging" about our new and crazy life around here! I know this is a great way of keeping a bunch of people updated on the going ons of our household. So today I will start doing just that. 
Billy and I spent our last weekend as "a two person family" in Virginia for a dear friend, Stephanie's, wedding. We were able to catch up with some long lost friends which was so wonderful. We were also able to revisit my college and the towns where we spent a good bit of time getting to know each other. It was a great weekend, the weather was beautiful, the wedding was wonderful and we had a great time just being together. The downside of the weekend was that we were without our boys! 
Our boys, let me fill you in a bit about "the boys".  They are two boys we are adopting. We met the boys through a good friend and fell in love with them shortly after meeting them. The boys are brothers who had a rough start in life. They were moved to an older family who loves them beyond belief and because of that love know they can't be the forever family the boys need and deserve. That's where we come in. For the past 8 weeks, we have been spending weekends with the boys at our house. They love the idea of having two bedrooms, two sets of toys, new pets, new friends, the whole works! 
The boys are moving in FOREVER on Friday, October 17th. We are full of mixed emotions. On one hand we are so excited about this new life we are all starting. We are nervous about diving in to full time parenting. Over the past two months, each Sunday has gotten harder and harder to send the boys back to their other house. Each time we see them, we can't help but think out their biological parents are missing out on two of the best little people we have ever known. But on the flip side, their loss (and a huge one at that!) is our gain (and a huge one at that!) 
I am hoping that this blog will help keep all our family and friends updated on our new family!