Monday, September 14, 2009

First Day of School (For Kyle and me!)

Today Kyle and I FINALLY went back to school. We have been enjoying a four month summer thanks to come construction going on in our district. Kyle has been counting down the days until he started First Grade. I am teaching 4Th grade this year which I am very excited about. I am happy to say that Kyle and I both survived the first day of school with smiles on our faces! Kyle said that "Mrs. Wilson made us do too, too much work!" All in all, it was a great day!

Today was also another first for Jacob. He got the ride the bus to school. He has been a
nxiously awaiting this day. Jacob got on the bus at Grandma's this morning. I wasn't actually there when the bu
s came, but my mom did admit that for as excited Jacob was to get on the bus, he was a little leery when the bus finally came.

We are very lucky and happy to have Kyle's teacher be someone who we are friends with. Billy and I worry about Kyle and his behavior at school. He responds well to structure and clear rules and consequences. We know that Mrs. Wilson will be able to meet Kyle's needs and help him have a wonderful year.

The boys are both tucked into bed, sleeping soundly. It's almost time for Mama to do the same thing. Need to get our rest so we can happily face Day 2 tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Future Soccer Stars?? Possibly!

The boys are both playing soccer this fall. This is the 3rd sport that Kyle has tried and the 1st for Jacob. The boys are both very active and LOVE running, playing, really any type of activity. Kyle has enjoyed playing each sport so far. He puts a lot of effort into it and trys his best each time. We have been really proud of him for being a trooper through each season. You have to remember this is a kid who after I told him I signed him up for basketball, he said "Oh, cool! Jennifer, what is basketball anyway?"
We have had 3 weeks of games already and while the teams don't get score, you can't help but keep track of goals made. In one game, Kyle scored 4 goals, which were the only goals on for his team. He really has shown some talent with soccer. I think it is the mix of running and competition to get the ball first. He puts everything into each game and works really hard. His coach makes comments on how well he is doing. Now if we could get him to work on not taking the ball from teammates, he would be better off!

Now on to Jacob...well, Jacob enjoys being on the field! Now, as silly as it sounds, there are MANY preschoolers who do not enjoy even being out on the field. Those kids make it known to all that they are not happy! Even though Jacob is playing on a preschool team, he is almost a full year younger then most of his teammates. It shows too. Jake follows the team on the field but doesn't really make any attempt to get the ball and really doesn't understand what to do with it once he does get it. But he is having fun, making new friends and learning to work as part of a group and that is all that Billy and I want from this experience.
I love watching my kids play! The three games have had beautiful weather which makes being there even better.