Wednesday, November 19, 2008

One on one time...

Billy and I have talked about spending time with each of the boys on their own but it just doesn't seem like time allows it. Well tonight I had to go get a new windshield wiper and I took "K"with me. Now I must tell you, it was Billy's idea to take him along for a ride. I was excited about the thought of going to the store alone. Quiet time is very hard to come by lately and we both jump at it when we get the chance. I am very glad Billy was able to convince me to take a buddy along for a ride. We went to Sam's Club, Hobby Lobby and Walmart. We also stopped off at McDonald's for a quick bit to eat. While at McDonalds, I was being silly and "K" said to the lady at the counter "Look at my Mommy, she is being silly!" I loved hearing that! We had a great time talking about kindergarten and preschool. We discussed how you can't get married until you are a lot bigger, like 100 years old! I had a shopping cart pushed into my ankle because the little man wants to push the cart. We looked at things that we want to ask Santa for, which included pretty much anything in the toy department. 
While sitting at McDonald's, we were talking about things that "K" is learning at school. I know they are talking about pilgrims and Thanksgiving this week at school. While we were talking about it, I began to think how different this holiday season is going to be for us and for Diane and Grover. We get to enjoy having the boys at our home for Thanksgiving and Christmas for the first time. On the flip side, Diane and Grover will be spending their first holidays without the boys in three years. I also started thinking about how much their biological parents have missed out on. Sitting talking to "K" today I just looked at him with this look of amazement at this neat little boy sitting across from me. What neat little men they missed out on. It makes me sad to think that someone could be selfish enough to care more about their own life rather then the life of a person who can't take care of themselves. As I was talking to Billy about my thoughts, we both said that the boys may not be who they are today if they had stayed with the parents who gave birth to them. Like we have said so many times before, the screw up of someone else's life has been a HUGE gain for Billy and I. We feel very, very luck to have the boys sleeping in the next room and to call home here!  

Monday, November 17, 2008

One month later...

Well one month ago today our boys moved into our home. WOW! A month has gone by really quickly at times but feels like forever at others. This weekend Billy said it feels like we have had the boys from birth. I would have to agree with him. It doesn't really seem like just a month and a day ago we were just two! November is the official start of our 6 month waiting period to apply for adoption. Until then, the boys are just placed in a pre-adoptive foster home. 6 months sounds like a long time but considering the speed of the past month, April will be here before we know it. 
This past weekend, Billy and I took the boys to The Great Wolf Lodge with Cara, Doug and Hannah. We had a good time celebrating the adoption of such a special little girl. The kids loved the water. I definitely think the favorite part were the 4 kid water slides. By the end of the night, the slides had three little butt marks from the many trips they took. Hannah took the cake on the water intake though. She was too funny when she would purposely fall into the water. It still amazes me that just a year ago, she was newly "sprung" from an orphanage. Watching her walking around the hotel halls and room just makes me smile. 
The boys are excited about meeting Aunt Susan this weekend. I know that it will be a week of craziness around here. Both boys are going to have a blast playing with and getting to know Susan. I know there will be a great deal of love all around. 
Well I suppose that is all from our happy home. We got some snow today. Nothing major but enough to make me remember I dislike winter greatly!! Oh well....Summer will be here soon. 

Sunday, November 9, 2008

A great Friday and a special visit make two happy boys

Friday night we went out to dinner with Aunt Cara and Hannah. The boys just love Hannah and Aunt Cara. Billy and Jeremiah went to a chorus concert afterwards and the boys and I went to Hannah's to play. It was a great time. The boys were excited to see Hannah's house since they have been asking about going their for days now. 
Yesterday the boys went to spend the afternoon at their first home with their special family. Their special family misses the boys so much considering they have had them for 3 years. "J" asks about mommy and daddy a lot so we all thought it would be good for them to go "home" and see that everyone is still where they should be. We were right! The boys and I went to watch their "sister" cheerlead" in a competition then the boys went home with the Temples. The boys came home around 8:30 and their sister played with them for a while. Goodbyes were said, a few quick tears were shed but all in all, everyone seemed happy. We made plans to go to Burger King with the playground on Wednesday. 
This morning the boys are up and ready to go. The weather isn't so great today, a bit cloudy and cold but nothing a few layers and gloves can't overcome. Outside they will go to run off some of their extra energy! We love having 7 acres for their little feet to run around on! 

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


That is the feeling that we have lately...completely exhausted! It's amazing how just overnight you can feel like you haven't gotten enough rest in quite a long time! I know it is all for a great reason, two little guys who are so much fun, but just a little more sleep would be wonderful. We, Billy and I both, got over being ill last week and luckily the boys didn't get it. Friday night, Halloween, we went trick or treating which was a blast! The boys had a good time getting candy and we had fun watching them. Afterwards we went to McDonald's with our friends, Cara and Doug and their daughter Hannah. Then it was back to our house to play for a while. The boys just love Hannah and Hannah seems to think they are pretty okay too. 
Sunday evening we went to Mom's for dinner. It is fun to see my parents interact with them boys. "J" knows that he has Karen wrapped already and plays into it so well. "K" likes to get Ray's expertise on road and building construction since "K" really enjoys playing with the same blocks that Susan and I played with for hours as little kids. Meal time is always an adventure since neither boy really enjoys waiting for anything. There are so many little things that Billy and I feel like we need to work on but we know baby steps are the best way to go. 
Yesterday the boys went to get their flu shots. Not a fun task for anyone involved including the two nurses who had the crap beaten out of them by "K"! Someone should have warned me how violent he gets because I would have been better prepared. 
Every time I start to second think this whole process, one of the boys does something that makes me realize that this is just how life is supposed to be! Each day we feel more and more like Mom and Dad rather than just two people the boys stay with! All in all, life is going smoothly around here!