Friday, September 9, 2011

Another soccer season...

 The boys have started their third season of Upwards Soccer. It has been so neat to see them grow and improve over the course of the last three years. We love this program for many reasons. We love the message it provides to the kids each week. We also love the character building and team building it creates.
Kyle is playing on a strong team this season. He really enjoys soccer and puts 110% into it. We love watching him play and hearing him cheer on his teammates. Seeing his focus on the game and smile on his face is awesome!

This is Jacob's first season of playing "big kid soccer". Preschoolers practice and play at the same time. Since Jacob started kindergarten this year, he practices one night a week and has a full game on Saturdays. During practices, Jacob tends to hang back a bit and take it all in. Seeing him on the soccer field during a game, he is a different kid! It is wonderful to see him really get into the game and love playing!

Jacob's favorite part....playing with his water!

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