Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Jacob turns 7!

WOW! Its been a long time since I blogged! August 16th was Jacob's 7th birthday. It is so hard for me to believe that he is 7 years old. He was almost 3 when we first met the boys. Jacob barely spoke and what he did say was incredibly difficult to understand! We were lucky enough to be there to celebrate his 3rd birthday. I vividly remember him wanting more cake at his party and he couldn't get anyone's attention with his "more" sign! My oh my, has he made up for the delayed language! He seems to never  lack something to say!
All summer, Billy and I have commented how much Jacob has grown! It seems like one night we put our "baby Jacob" to bed and this "little man Jacob" woke up the next morning. Jacob has become such a neat person with great personality. He makes our hearts very happy!

Since Jake's birthday was the second day of school, we had whoppie pies (his choice) and opened presents with just us. We had a family party over the weekend.
Jacob's Cars 2 cake....handmade by Dad!

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